30 Apr

With the ever-growing popularity of photo booths, there’s never been a better time to start your business. After all, no wedding or event is complete without the quintessential photo booth. Photo booths aren’t only fun for the guests, they’re fun for the business owner too. However fun and profitable your photo booth business may be, it will take a lot of hard work to get it up and running. Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Get creative.

The first step will no doubt be choosing your photo booth style. The classic booths are just that, classic, but they are also a dime a dozen these days. To give your business a competitive edge, think outside the box, literally. Consider a photo booth model that offers originality. Brides are always looking for ways to add a unique touch to their wedding. What’s more unique than a photo booth inside a vehicle or one that records video instead of just snapping pictures?

To boost your originality, don’t bother with the same old boring photo booth props. Offer your clients a unique array of creative, funny, and unique props specifically tailored to the style of their wedding.

Purchase the right equipment.

Once you’ve decided on your photo booth style, it’s time to make the big purchases. The technical equipment is just important as your photo booth structure. Finding the proper camera, software, and printer for your photo booth model is important. To keep your clients happy and provide the professional products they expect, be sure you have an adequate camera to take great pictures, photo booth software to keep things running smoothly, and a dye-sublimation printer to produce quality prints. Purchasing the right equipment from the start will save you time and money, so do your homework before spending the big bucks.

Set your pricing and business guidelines.

Deciding on how much to charge is essential for making your business profitable. Research similar businesses in your general area to get a feel for the local market. Factor in what it will cost in supplies and travel, and don’t forget to include paying off equipment purchases. Once you’ve got a set price, set other parameters such as the distance you are willing to travel, minimum time blocks, and liability wavers.

Be prepared for every event.

Once your photo booth is ready to go, ensure it runs smoothly by having a plan in place for every event. Call the event space ahead of time to ensure there will be no issues, and check in with whoever is in charge before setting up on the event day. Arrive early to allow yourself plenty of time to set up, including time to snap a few test shots and adjust the lighting as needed. Bring extra supplies, such as rolls of paper and ink, just in case. You never know if you will come across any technical issues or if your booth will be especially busy all night long.

Provide only the best service.

It is your job to ensure your photo booth is running smoothly and the guests are having fun with it. Remember, you are not there as an event guest. You are there to host the photo booth. Be present and always be professional. Discuss event attire with your client beforehand, so you can dress appropriately. Follow up with your client after the event. Thank them for the opportunity, ask them for feedback, and provide them any images you have promised.

The photo booth business is booming, but not all photo booths are created equal. Give your business the competitive edge by offering a creative and unique service that every client and their guests can really enjoy.

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